Restaurant Students Busy in the Kitchen

Morongo Unified School District

The Restaurant Occupations II class at Yucca Valley High School is off to a great start. Fifteen veteran students returned after completing the Restaurant Occupation’s difficult 360-hour course last year.

The advanced students are stepping up their game and are involved in many hands-on activities.

On a weekly basis, a 14-item full service breakfast menu is prepared for staff and teachers. Periodically, students have mini-competitions in the classroom and these “cook-off’s” are judged by the assistant principal or other staff members.

The class has also been invited by community organizers to cater many local events throughout the year. Students will have the opportunity to attend various field trips, including the US Foods Annual Tasting Event where new and different food products hitting the market are introduced

The terms “sustainability and waste” are the buzz words this year, and this class has already visited the local supermarket and selectively sorted through vegetables that were to be thrown away because they were unsightly. Students took the ingredients back to the kitchen, and the end result was a fantastic vegetable soup with rice.

Instructor Kevin Weber, commented, “This class is always looking for new ways to keep up with current trends. This assignment was a huge success because we were able to be creative and at the same time address topics that we hear about in the news. They were proud of their accomplishments.”

Most of the students in the class have expressed a desire to work in the culinary arts field, but for the few that don’t, they certainly will be able to knock out a heck of a meal for their families and loved ones.