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Canyon Ridge Students Test Drive an Interview

Hesperia Unified School District

In early November, in a small office in the Library at Canyon Ridge High School in Hesperia, students from Mary Walker’s ROP Computer Business Applications class participated in a Mock interview with a local business professional. Each student, looking polished and professional, prepared an error free resume and cover letter for their interviewer and conducted research about the companies and positions for which they would be interviewing. Then they were invited into the interview room one at a time.

Although the students knew they were not competing for an actual job, they were quite aware that the interview was very real. Even though there wasn’t a job on the line, the interviewer provided valuable feedback they could use to help them improve their interviewing skills and be a better candidate in the future when the job is real. Video recordings of some of the interviews will be used for future training purposes in the classroom.

Special thanks to our interviewers Leanne Hearne Welsh of Viking Equipment, Reuel Herron of Desert Community Bank and Sam Thatte of Sam Thatte Visual Communications for sharing their time and expertise with the students.