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Did This Really Happen?

Victor Valley Union High School District

The panicked and desperate call came in at 9:03 a.m. “I’d like to report a two-car accident involving two vehicles with multiple passengers.” The caller was in a state of shock. He told the 911 operator that

he thought one vehicle had two or more  passengers. He wasn’t sure and then quickly realized his vision was impaired by the blood in his eyes.
With flashing lights and blaring sirens, a police officer was the first to arrive on scene, followed by the fire department, paramedics and ambulance. The police quickly evaluated the scene, and things soon went from bad to worse.

The officer identified that the driver of one vehicle had been killed instantly and his two passengers were critically injured. The most critical of the two required an airlift to the nearest trauma center.
The young passengers in the other vehicle were quickly evaluated by the paramedics and were determined to have only minor injuries. The driver was given a field sobriety test and was immediately arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

A life was lost and more lives were tragically altered in the blink of an eye. Did this really happen?

Fortunately, this was a vivid and realistic re-enactment of a deadly crash highlighting the effects of drunk driving.
Every year, just before prom, Victor Valley High School’s football stadium becomes the stage for this horrific accident. As part of the annual production, Mrs. Heidi Shaw’s ROP medical classes helped prepare the scene. Her students provided the victims with frighteningly realistic wounds. For many of the students in the stadium, this was a real eye-opener as they were able to see the impact of students driving under the influence and potentially injuring or killing innocent victims due to their poor decision making. The impact goes beyond the accident scene and into the lives of their family and friends forever.

We would like to recognize Mrs. Shaw and her medical students for being a critical part of a potentially life-saving event and doing a fantastic job! It was a great collaboration between the VVHS ASB team and ROP!