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Heroic Efforts by FoHi ROP Students

Fontana Unified School District

Recently, two Fontana High School students who are currently enrolled in the Acute Care Nurse Assistant ROP class are heroes! They were doing clinicals at an acute hospital making rounds and carrying out their assessments skills and taking vitals.  While with a patient, they were able to note that the patient’s medical condition was declining. Students are taught that reporting a patient’s change of medical status is 90% of what they must do. They instantly reported this observation to the RN on duty. The situation ultimately heightened into a full blown code requiring that the patient be revived from a biological fatality. The patient had lost respiration and pulse! Both students were on the scene assisting the medical staff in responding to the medical emergency.

The patient was returned back to biological stability and was breathing and in steady condition when the students eventually left. The students were told by the RN that if it were not for their quick observation skills, the patient would not have survived the ordeal. The Acute Care students are Veronica Macasil (a junior) and Sable Vizcarra (a senior). Yes, the patient had been in full cardiac arrest and had to be revived!  Mrs. Brooks is the Acute Care Nurse Assistant ROP teacher who taught these students the advanced skills needed in an acute setting. Ms. Brooks said they are heroes!