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ROP Connection Keeps Student in School

San Bernardino City Unified School District

Omari Robinson, a former ROP Medical Assistant student, attended Cajon High School and graduated in May 2014. “ROP changed my life and has given me direction and goals to achieve,” said Robinson.

Before enrolling in ROP his junior year, Omari was on a path to becoming a high school drop out. He admitted to ditching school and getting into trouble. When his best friend was suspended for selling marijuana, it was a wake-up call. “This was the first time I started thinking that the road I was on was going to end badly,” he said. “My parents were very disappointed in me and when my best friend got expelled for selling again, I knew I needed to change my path.”

Omari thought playing football would help, but he was looking for something more. During a visit to his counselor, Omari’s interest was piqued by the ROP Medical Assistant classes and he asked for more information. His counselor explained that the career pathway began with Medical Core 1 and then he could enroll in the ROP Medical Assistant class his senior year.

Omari had finally found what he was looking for. He had always loved science, especially nuclear science. Ms. Jacobsen, his ROP instructor, suggested he pursue his passion for nuclear science as an x-ray technician and then a radiologist. After that conversation with Ms. Jacobsen, he focused on his grades and then enrolled in ROP Medical Assistant the following year.

He was assigned to LaSalle Pediatric Medical Clinic in San Bernardino for his externship. He loved it. Tina Hoyle his supervisor said, “Omari did an excellent job during his externship and was a very hard worker. When we had an opening, we interviewed and immediately hired him as a Medical Assistant.“ 

Omari has continued his education and is currently enrolled at Chaffey College where he is taking prerequisite classes for the x-ray technician program. His dream is to transfer to University of California, San Diego and become a radiologist.

His parents are very proud of his accomplishments to change his life through hard work, education, and ROP.