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New Teacher Participates in Faculty Externship Project

Apple Valley Unified School District

Dianna White joined the ROP family in January 2014 as the new medical ROP teacher at Granite Hills High School. She began her medical career as a student with SBCSS ROP in Victor Valley. She continued her career working as a healthcare provider for several years but found her passion in teaching in what she loves the most, healthcare.

Dianna was anxious and excited to teach ROP and her first move was to apply for “The Healthcare Faculty Externship Pilot Project” with the Inland Coalition. Just a month at her new job, Dianna was notified that she was one of thirty people accepted to the program. This special program is designed to connect educators in healthcare with industry and the community. Dianna’s first thought was, “what an opportunity for me to get information from industry representatives and be able to bring it back to my students.”

Some of the events Dianna had the privilege of attending were the Health Industry Symposium, a current HIPAA training and LLU Simulation Lab, where she received a tour of the lab and participated in a simulation of CPR. In addition to attending trainings, Dianna participated in a faculty externship with Victor Valley Global Medical Center. During the externship she had the opportunity to interact with staff from different departments at the hospital.

Dianna hopes to continue volunteering at sites to prepare her ROP students for the world of work and know the people they will be working with in the local clinics. Dianna believes, “if we all work together as a team it will lead to the success of our students as healthcare providers.” This is a great start to a growing program!